GUI and its Functionalities are:

  • We can upload a CT Scan Image and our model Covify will predict wether the image uploaded is of a Covid Infected person or not.
  • When we click the Classify button the model gives a softmax probability of the decision it made and how strongly it tries to put forward its integrity.
  • When we click on the Magic Button it shows a heat map of all the activations in the image that influenced the model to take certain decisions.

Covid Prediction on CT Scan Images

when we click on CT Scan images , Our Model predicts wether it is covid or not and also a heat map showcasing its predictions.

Non-Covid Prediction on CT Scan Images

When we click on CT Scan images, Our Model predicts wether it is covid or not and also showcases a heat map.


This is a heat map for the image showcasing which activations or parts of the image led the model to predict certain decisions on wether the person is covid or not.


  • Deep learning, which is a popular research area of artificial intelligence (AI), enables the creation of end-to-end models to achieve promised results using input data, without the need for manual feature extraction.

  • We have used CT scan images to not sacrifice on quality but also to improve speed of data diagnosis.

  • In order to combat COVID the Current need of the hour is building Medical Diagnosis Support Systems that are Fast, Reliable, Efficient, and Effective.

  • Conventional Covid-19 tests that is PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test are time consuming and also leads to much more False-Negative and False Positive predictions

  • We have to send the sample of PCR  to the labs which are sometimes in faraway locations that  is far time consuming
  • Sometimes When the doctors and Radiologists are not available at that time we can   generate a preliminary diagnosis 
  • Application of machine learning methods for automatic diagnosis in the medical field have recently gained popularity i.e, have become far more essential in early detection 
  • Fast and accurate diagnostic methods are heavily needed to combat the disease so that more and more time should be invested in Disease Control